Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Results are not accurate?

   Probably some Extensions are slowing down the speed test process. Use Safari or Chrome in Private Window or Incognito Window.

Download/Upload Test not Taking Place?

   You can delete your browser cache by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Delete. And try again.

Why my mobile browser reporting a very High Upload Speed?

   Issues found with various mobile web browsers that Enabled "Data Saving". Specifically this issue found on Dolphin(Cloud Acceleration), Opera(Off-Road Mode). You can Turn OFF this feature to get accurate upload speed.

Reporting Completely Wrong Results?

   Your final results depending on many factors, including the traffic currently handled by our server, application that consuming bandwidth on your system, connectivity issue with international server with your isp etc. Better try after some time. Issue primarily due to the connection issue with your ISP.

Application Broken in my Web Browser?

   We highly recommend you to use latest web browser also make sure that the JavaScript is enabled on your browser.

How to increase your speed ?

   Most of the time slow internet speed you feel because of poor optimizations at your side . Some simple optimization can improve your broadband speed ! if you follow them you can increase your internet speed . Yes can increase your Internet speed by 50% even 150% but How ?

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